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Summer is bringing some terrific changes at BH Fitness!

Hopefully over the past few months you have noticed some positive changes and improvements at BH Fitness. I'd like to take a moment to share some of the improvements that we are making to help us be an even better partner to our valued dealers!
First and foremost: Systems & Programs. We've installed a new ERP system to improve our inventory and parts controls while helping to drastically improve our service response time. We have improved and launched the most aggressive Freight Program in the industry, adding to our already extremely low freight rates. Over the summer we have terrific close-out product offerings, spiff programs and dealer incentives to help add even more to your bottom line.
Next, Technology. In the spring, we launched our i.Concept series of products. The i.Concept line is the first of its kind to fully integrate entertainment, fitness training and the personalization that allows users to fully customize their workout experience. With i.Concept, your ipod, ipad, iphone and other tablet devises literally become the console. From there you can watch movies, listen to your music, answer emails or surf the web all while getting a terrific workout from the challenging BH program app running simultaneously in the background! We believe this type of personal connectivity is the future of fitness. You will see even more from our i.Concept line this fall.
Lastly, Product. Product is king. We are constantly working to improve our products, fill holes in our line-up and deliver a "family-product-offering" that allows our dealers the freedom to get what they need from one supplier. Currently, we sell products in 9 categories: treadmill, bikes, ellipticals, indoor cycles, rower, stretch, stepper, whole body vibration and strength. These products are designed with the purpose of offering the end-client a complete family of products that represent real value, from one-source. 
It is our hope that you are experiencing the difference that these changes are making at BH. We are dedicated to listening to our dealers and responding with ideas, products and services that reflect real value!
If there is ever anything that we can do to improve your experience with BH, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Thank you for your partnership and support. It is greatly appreciated!

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