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Vison & Mission

BH is a company based on technology, innovation, trust and social responsibility, offering Sport, Health & Beauty products.
BH solutions include the most advanced technologies and components in the area of electronics, software, ergonomics, design and materials.
BH focus on researching, investigating and launching Sport, Health & Beauty solutions pioneer in the market: from new ebikes to cavitation products, from elite level triathlon bikes to professional treadmills.

Our range of solutions covers all the Sport,
Health & Beauty spectrum, so that the future innovations are only limited by our
BH has more than 100 years working very close to our customers and providing solutions. BH has been through many different historical events and cultural changes and has been able to adapt successfully to every period, thanks to trustable values along with a high level of integrity of employees and partners.
Social responsibility
In BH, we develop eco-friendly solutions and we are sensitive to optimizing the energy consumption and recycling capabilities of our products. All our products correspond to the international standards for environment.

In BH, we integrate dynamic teams with high level skills and experience, all of them under the umbrella of a modest (meaning humble) and nimble company.
Connecting closely to our customers provides us enough information about their needs and let us develop customer value orientated solutions. Besides, BH dealers are considered as partners and representatives of BH brand in the market and they are selected to be fully orientated to achieve the customer service excellence.
Cooperating tightly with our vendors gives us the chance to be continuously updated in all technology advances in order to be the first ones in innovations. Our vendors incorporate strict quality and efficient processes in order to let us launch the best solutions for users in terms of quality and cost.
We operate in an international world without frontiers and our people keep their open mind with no constrains, but our approach to each specific culture and country is handled through local service, local promotion and local people. So, our fundamental is to think globally and act locally.
Our products are orientated to high level performance and elaborated under the goal of optimizing the customer value creation. This is the main factor that moves all BH internal gears and makes us work with a focus on continuous improvement. Besides, these values and commitment begin with our BH Triathlon Team, composed by world top level triathletes.

Under all these circumstances, we work to make sure that BH will continue offering Sport, Health& Beauty products during, at least, another 100 years.